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Sun is the source of energy, transmit via radiation

to create heat on earth and heat produce wind on earth


To save the earth is use the free energy from sun as much as possible instead of generate energy from fossil fuel, the idea is harvesting the sun energy and convert to energy that needed most such as electricity, heat (water). There are many place on earth that are not utilized like desert. Desert are almost one third of land in the planet earth. If the desert use to harvest the sun it might be enough to save a lot of fossil energy.


desert for solar cell

Desert is 1/3 of the land in the earth


However, the solar cell technology still need much much improvement.


Solar cell in high temperature

The solar cell that more effective in high temperature


Today technology of solar cell is better in the low temperature. While in desert the temperature is high during the sunlight. While this article were written, the needed technology still not available commercially.


The business ideas is develop solar cell that better in high temperature and create massive solar cell power generator in desert and support the surrounding city need.



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